1 What is EXQUISITE Luxury?

EXQUISITE Luxury is a World Leader in Cosmetics Manufacturing. Offering both private label and bespoke products to clients across the Globe.

2 Why Choose EXQUISITE Luxury?

We offer huge incentives for our clients including the following, free research and development, free samples, free storage of packaging prior to filling meaning you can have packaging on hand in our warehouse at all times ensuring that you never run out of stock subject to raw material stock and lead times.

We are always looking to get ahead of the competition for the benefit of the industry, working with our clients closely to ensure we all succeed together.

3 What is your MOQ?

Our MOQs vary dependant on product and unit volumes. Typically our private label MOQs are 500 units per SKU and our bespoke products are 1000 units per SKU.

4 Are your products all made in the UK?

Yes, all of our products are developed and manufactured right here in the UK, on our site in North Yorkshire.

5 What brands do you work with?

As much as we would love to inform you on the various brands we currently work with, as we sign NDAs with our clients we are unable to disclose this information.

6 Do you have a private label catalogue?

Yes, please contact us using our contact form or email us [email protected] to request our private label catalogue.

7 What are your lead times?

From placing your order to delivery (after sampling, etc has been completed) we can turnaround orders in 2 weeks dependant on our supply chain at the time and your choice of packaging. For bespoke orders this may take longer sometimes 4-5 weeks.

8 If I am developing a new product how long does the process take?

This will depend on the complexity of the product in question, we strive to get everything spot on and don’t cut corners to do so. From receiving your completed product brief (which we can provide), sampling may take 2-8 weeks depending on the product and how many revisions we need to make to ensure we exceed your expectations. In some cases we could have an initial sample ready in a few days if we have the raw materials on hand. Once approved your product will then go for testing which will take around 3 months but ensures your product is legally compliant. Then into production!